Freezing November carp session at Lac de Villedon!

Last November I left for a week fishing at Lac de Villedon. My mate Koos Megens was partly handicapped unfortunately, that's why we decided to rent the cabin. Koos wasn't able to do anything with his arm, not even putting up a bivvy. We could unload the car right at the swim, this is perfect when you are together with a disabled angler.
The first day we have baited up some spots with 10/15mm ProLine Triple S and the matching Sticks. We had some help picking the swims from 2 Dutch students who had their work experience here for 8 weeks. They had fished our swim in the weeks they were here. This is some good information because there were some good hotspots in front of us like some banks that are going from 3 meter to 4 meter in depth, this is an ideal position for your rig. We kept the rigs simple but not too long, about 15 cm and we use a ProLine Concept 5 size 8 hook and a small piece of shrinktube. Koos used the new ready made rigs from ProLine, this seemed to be a good choice, because all the fish he landed were perfectly hooked.
The next day around noon we had dropped all the rigs and the waiting could begin. A couple of hours later we were watching the water, searching for some carp activity, every now and then we see a tail and some bubbles. Koos gets the first bite at about 3.30h in the afternoon on his left hand rod. This was a quick bite! I don't hesitate and stroke the rod, after that I passed the rod to Koos, I would do the striking, because this isn't very easy with an broken arm. The fighting went well, because it didn't took long before the 11kg common was landed. Koos didn't manage to lift the fish for the pictures. He didn't mind, fun was the most important and playing the fish went well. The next 2 days we had a lot of action on the rods, but we noticed it were mostly the smaller fish we caught. I used 2 15mm or a snowman on the hair and baited a mix of everything, 10mm, 15mm and the Sticks. In the past I have noticed, when you feed a mix of everything, the carp mostly eat the smaller parts first. It is time to try something new; now I used only a single 10mm Triple S on the hair, and use only 10mm boilies to bait up.
The next days it was clear that change of tactic wasn't a bad choice because we managed to catch a lot more big fish. Sometimes it pays off to change your tactic, even though you catch fish. You can never give up and always think you can improve yourself, the big ones will follow eventually. It was a nice week of fishing, most definitely because we had a lot of comfort, like sleeping in a real bed for the whole week. And when it rained we had a shelter in the cabin. What else do you want in such a cold November session?
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